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With a deep commitment and positive attitude, we provide employment service to companies with the right people, in the right place.

How to get started?

Ammon’s talent search recruitment team in Myanmar builds with the industry experts and professional recruiters, we can support you with all your talent search needs in Myanmar.

We shall handle the following processes for your talent search.

Share complete roles and responsibilities, must-have skills, necessary market experience and budget.
Evaluate and provide suitable candidates after screening as well as their resumes within a time frame from the onset of assignment.
Arrange relevant candidates for interview with client.

Assist the client in negotiation and formalization of employment with selected candidates.

Assist the client in preparation for work commencement for selected candidates.

Here are our main benefit using our Talent Search Service
First Round Interview Processes

First Round Interview Processes

Ammon shall assist you with the first round interview for the shortlisted candidates, including the assessment test such as languages, interpersonal skills, computer skills, etc…
Matching Talent With Your Requirements

Matching Talent With Your Requirements

Ammon shall provide the shortlisted candidate after first round interview and deliver with the interview results and test score even with the Ammon comments. 
No Need To Pay Until You Hire

No Need To Pay Until You Hire

Ammon will not be charged any kinds of fees until you found the right talent and best fit for your organizations. 
Find The Talent With Fastest Time

Find The Talent With Fastest Time

Ammon can find the best talented candidate for your business with a urgency and faster than the rest.


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