Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll is an integral but time-consuming process that often expend more resources than you initially expect.
By choosing to outsource it, you can minimize your external cost while increasing reliability and cost effectiveness.

Scopes of Services

  • Monthly Payroll Processing – One/ month
  • Social Security Contribution to local authorities
  • Personal Income Tax (PIT) Annual and Monthly Reports Provided to Clients

  • E-Pay Slips with Enhanced Encryption

  • Payroll adhoc payment processing

  • Payroll Administration and Timekeeping

  • Assist Personal Income Tax Declarations to the Local Government’s Internal Revenue Department Website

Customer-driven and Flexible

Employee Self-Service & Support

Data Security and Confidentiality

Value-Based Pricing


  • Stay compliant with existing local regulations and employment laws
  • The acknowledgement of expertise comes from a team of erudite professionals
  • Reduce administrative burden and streamline payroll processing
  • Ensure accuracy and minimize errors in payroll processing
  • Access real-time data and reporting to make informed business decisions

Regulation Updates

  • Keeping up with regulatory changes in Myanmar with our dedicated team, ensuring continuous compliance and reducing the risk of non-compliance

  • Leveraging our expertise to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations, including labor and tax laws

  • Providing regular updates on regulatory changes and requirements to ensure proactive compliance
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