​Ammon can take over your tedious payroll process including salary, claims, social security and personal income tax filing on your company’s behalf. Ammon is able to provide a comprehensive payroll outsourcing service in Myanmar that shall include:

Payroll Calculation

Calculation and reporting of
Payroll including SSB/ Income Tax.

SSB/ Income Tax Submission

Submit SSB/ Income Tax contribution on your behalf 
at government offices.


Payroll Summary Reports
SSB Reports
Income Tax Reports

Salary Distribution

Timely salary distribursement to each employee’s bank account.
Here are two reasons why you should outsource to Ammon:
Minimize external costs and maximize technology

Minimize external costs and maximize technology

By outsourcing your payroll to Ammon Consulting, you can do away with the many costs related to setting up an internal payroll system.

In addition to reducing manpower expense, you also save on purchasing and licensing a reliable software, and subsequently maintaining and upgrading it.
Increase reliability and cost-effectiveness

Increase reliability and cost-effectiveness

By outsourcing payroll to a team of experts, you can rest assured that payroll records and processes remain available and consistent. You can also avoid inaccurate calculations, delayed payments and other mistakes that may cause your company needless penalties.