Professional Contract Services

There are many reasons you may not want to hire permanent employees. You may be unfamiliar with the quality of the local workforce or simply require interim cover for maternity or sick leave. Whether you are considering taking on temporary staff or not, here are some ways you can benefit from our professional contract services:

More flexible hiring practices

Ammon Consulting’s professional contract services allow you to bring on board talents only when you need them. This is particularly relevant for ICT industries, who are often on the look out for expertise in specific fields for short-term projects. However, should you decide to engage your contract employees on a permanent basis, we also offer a simple contract to permanent conversion scheme.

Reduce hiring risk

By entering a co-employment relationship with us, you also disperse your business risk. You only need to retain contract employees who are engaged and up to par, and focus your company’s resources on your core business functions and operation performance.

Lower costs and inefficiency

As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Ammon Consulting can take over all or part of your company’s HR functions, and contractually assume HR responsibilities, employer rights and business risk. This flexible alternative to permanent hire allows you to fulfill your staffing needs while reducing operational costs and freeing yourself from the burden of employment administration.