HR Managed Services

Setting up business in new and challenging markets can often be met with unexpected complexities that arise from unfamiliar regulations and cultural practices. This is especially true of new markets, such as Myanmar and China. By outsourcing your HR functions to Ammon Consulting, you can benefit from our regional expertise and ensure that the transition is smooth and painless. Here are some ways you can benefit:

Organize and plan your manpower

By understanding your business needs, we help you plan your manpower so as to maximize talent potential and productivity. Keeping an eye on expansion, we also forecast and prepare for your future manpower requirements so your operation never suffers.

Ensure compliance of your HR policies and procedures

Setting up HR policies that are easily comprehended and comply with local laws is a challenging process. Nonetheless, you can create new and reliable procedures or improve on existing ones by tapping on our knowledge of HR best practices in the region.

Hire only the best talents for your company

A company is only as good as its best employees. Outsourcing means you only recruit capable and performance-ready talents, who are recommended based on our close understanding of your business needs and screened through our structured selection process.

Develop and retain talents

Finding talent is tough. Retaining them, tougher. You can avoid losing good employees by letting us take care of their well-being. We cover a range of HR functions including employee welfare, staff counseling, talent development and staff appraisal, to make sure that your talents feel engaged and appreciated.

Save time on routine HR administration

Many HR functions do not directly serve your core business function, but are nonetheless crucial and time-consuming. Free up more time for growing your business and attending to its more critical needs by outsourcing laborious functions such as attendance management, leave application, exit management and payroll processing.

Key Services

Manpower Planning

Manpower planning is the heart line connecting your HR strategy to your organization’s overall strategic plan. By understanding your business needs, we identify your company’s talent requirements and plan them so as to maximize talent potential and productivity. Keeping future growth in mind, we also forecast and prepare for your future manpower requirements so your operation never suffers.

HR Policy and Procedure Set-Up

HR policy and procedures tackle a multitude of concerns and need to fulfill complex legal requirements. It is back-breaking work, but forms the backbone of any thriving company when done well. By drawing on our knowledge of HR best practices, you will be able to set up new and reliable policies and procedures, or improve on existing ones.

Recruitment and Selection

We take time to understand your business needs and employ a structured selection process to help you identify and recruit engaged and performance-ready talents. As a PEO, we can also take over your company’s recruitment process on a long-term basis. Find out more [here].

Staff Welfare

Many studies have shown that happier workers are better workers. However, lost in the grind of daily work, you might find yourself overlooking this nugget of wisdom. Do yourself a good turn and let us help you develop your staff welfare policies and manage staff benefits and welfare. All you have to do is enjoy the rewards when your employees feel satisfied and appreciated.

Staff Counseling

Staff counseling is a sensitive issue that presents a challenge to both experienced and inexperienced employers. If dealt inappropriately, it can be detrimental to work team spirit. By leaving it to professionals like us, you can be confident that your employees’ needs will be well understood and that appropriate and timely assistance will always be available to them.

Talent Development

Upgrading skills helps employees be more efficient and contribute more to the company. We offer a comprehensive range of corporate training services – from leadership to time management skills – that grow your talents as individuals and team players. For more targeted solutions, we also provide tailored training programs. Find out more [here].

Staff Appraisal

Appraisal time is often a taxing experience not just for employees, but also managers. By outsourcing staff appraisal, you can reduced inefficiency and benefit from objective and accurate employee valuation, which will enable you to provide useful recommendations and help employees improve.

Attendance Management

Absenteeism stems from many reasons and can cost your company much more than just the occasional dip in productivity. Tap into our expertise and successfully tackle motivational concerns in your work environment so as to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

Leave Application

Complexities of handling leave applications stem from the wide range of entitlements employees increasingly receive, including annual, parenting, disability leaves and many more. Relieve yourself of this cumbersome task by letting us evaluate leave requests and grant or deny them based on both legal and eligibility requirements.

Exit Management

It is always difficult to bid farewell to an employee, no matter the reason. That is why at Ammon Consulting, we insist that termination processes are handled sensitively. Our judicious approach also enables you to reap benefits from the process, specifically to glean feedback that is useful for organizational improvement and development.

Payroll Process

From processing taxes and benefits to disbursing salary, payroll is a run-of-the-mill HR function that companies love to outsource. Timeliness and security are integral to the process and you can rely on our expertise to give yourself peace of mind. Should you require long-term payroll outsourcing services, find out more [here].