HR Services

Fast becoming a reality for many companies, small and large, HR outsourcing brings with it a host of benefits not only for HR managers, but also owners, C-suite executives and employees. It provides efficiency and cost savings that vastly improve a company’s competitive advantage.

HR outsourcing is the core expertise and operational heart of Ammon Consulting. By delegating all or part of your HR functions to us, you can benefit from our vast experience and regional expertise and at the same time free up resources to focus on your organization’s strategic management and core business functions.

Find out more about the three HR outsourcing services we offer:

HR Managed Services

Setting up business in new and challenging markets can often be met with unforeseen difficulties. Outsourcing your HR setup process allows you to tap into our regional expertise and ensure that the transition is smooth and painless. Learn More >

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll is an integral but time-consuming process that often expend more resources than you initially expect. By choosing to outsource it, you can minize your external cost while increasing reliability and cost effectiveness. Learn More >

Professional Contract Services

Whether you are considering recuiting temporary or permanent staff members, professional contract services can help ypu reduce hiring risk, lower administrative costs and inefficiences, and develop a more adaptable recruitment practice. Learn More >